Amsterdam UMC: het verhaal achter de fusie

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Frank van den BoschFrank van den Bosch


‘Samen Beter’, luidt het motto van het nieuwe ‘superziekenhuis’ Amsterdam UMC, de combinatie van AMC en VUmc. Jan Hol (VUmc) en Frank van den Bosch (AMC) vertellen – samen uiteraard! – het ware verhaal achter de fusie. Over spannende communicatiekeuzes, mooie identiteitsvraagstukken, de nieuwe naam, de dilemma’s, de fouten en de successen.

10.30 35 minuten  Hertz  Keynote

Over Jan Hol (VuMc) en Frank van den Bosch (AMC)

Bio of Jan Hol

As of 2013, Jan Hol serves as Senior Vice President Communications & Fundraising for VU University Medical Center, one of the leading European centers for oncology, neurology and public health, based in Amsterdam. In June 2018, VUmc merged with AMC into Amsterdam UMC and Jan continues his service to this combination. Prior to academic healthcare, Jan held senior management positions in broadcasting (NOS/NCRV), aviation (KLM), food retail (Ahold), energy (Nuon) and technology (Océ/Canon), both in The Netherlands, Asia and the US. Currently, he also serves as a Supervisory Board Member for a Dutch assurance company. In 2006, he was among the founders of the European Association of Communication Directors. Jan studied educational and political sciences and wrote over 25 books on various topics. He full fills a number of charity activities, among them within Marriage Week Foundation International and Emotionally Focussed Therapy Netherlands, encouraging couples to invest into their relationship. His main hobbies include running, biking and playing the piano.

Frank van den Bosch – volgt z.s.m.

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